Wednesday, October 3, 2012

EHX: Tone Tattoo

EHX’s Tone Tattoo is essentially a very fundamental multi-effects unit. Unlike its counterparts, the TT is an analogue gadget. It’s a combination of the Metal Muff (distortion), Nano Clone (chorus) & Memory Boy (delay). If you’ve tried these pedals individually, you know what to expect but the fact that they are all fused in this single unit, the sum of their performances is a wonderful experience, to say the least.

The Metal Muff component- well you’ve heard that before- but the noise gate addition is a thoughtful feature especially so when the high gain settings are combined with the delay’s gain output. What? Did I say gain from the delay? You bet I did. Hence this presents itself to be a different distortion experience compared to the Muff in isolated use. The Nano Clone has 2 channels despite the 1-knob affair; you get a mild or deep chorus to work with, both sound commanding with clean & driven tones. Moving on to the delay module- this gets a thumbs-up from me. I could easily dial up a slap-back, ping-pong & modern-type delay just by messing with the DELAY knob. The blend there is virtually the volume of the delayed output, how loud it is at the background- up to you to decide.

I’d recommend this to beginners who are too clouded by the excessive features of other multi-effects units out there, the TT helps you settle down by presenting to you the essentials, nothing excessive. I believe if you are starting out, you need to be acquainted with these 3 basic effects units- drive/ modulation/ delay which are what this pedal offers. Absolute top marks for ease-of-use. But seasoned players might like if for its no-frills affair, adding to that, all the warm analog voicings on board.

Price: $250 (Davis GMC)

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YusTech said...

3 in 1..Practical.Ibanez has done something like this in the 80's.Ya Carl Martin too.