Monday, October 15, 2012

Poll: Made-in-China Fender

We know where this is going, don't we? When it comes to 'Fender' only an American matters, the rest are second fiddle. But relegating the non-American Fenders to the dumps was a passing phase. The Mexican proved that the 'Fender' monicker is colossal enough to withstand the country of manufacture stigma. The Japanese showed us some resilience in this matter, not too long ago it was the Korean, now we have the Chinese. Players/ buyers value QC more than anything else but when we put them to task by measuring it up against the brand name, some beliefs wavered, the rest still embrace QC. Although the result of this poll isn't quite conclusive but sellers out there would be interested to know the fact that there is a market for Chinese Fenders despite it not being as rooted as the Japanese take. On a personal note, I've tried those Chinese Fender guitars & basses recently- not bad at all. But one thing is for sure; when it comes to non-American Fenders, it's a dichotomized embrace.