Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gretsch: G5422TDCG

I was at Swee Lee after work yesterday to try the new Gretsch Electromatic series (made in Korea), I spent the most time with the G5422TDCG. Are you doubting the QC here because it's not the $3K+ Japanese Gretsch you revere? Please save the narrow perspective; the standards are plain to see. The Electromatic series are great mid-price (not entry-level, keep this in mind) guitars to own if you are into the hollow tone- lots of twang without the single coil snap. If you want a good serving of low-end, this is clearly the wrong guitar for that application.

That licensed B60G Bigsby-type bridge is a wobble implement, please do not expect too much in terms of whammy-induced vibrato. I find it more responsive for pitch-raising rather than pitch-lowering. Do you see Filter Tron pickups in there? Do note they are blacktop version, conceived to manifest incredible twang & more punch. However, do consider the drive/ distortion source you would use with this guitar. Some intense/ metal type units are simply unsuitable for it; the tone turns fuzzy at higher settings. You aren't gonna buy this guitar for death metal are you? Then you are using guns to kill mosquitoes.

PS: Thank you- Faizal @ Swee Lee's BB showroom for the assistance.

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