Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swinging set-up

Met up with YC last night after work, his Swing needed some looking into after he tweaked it a tad during re-stringing the day before & something was a miss thereafter. What's done:
  • Reduced neck back bow
  • Revised action for a set of .010 strings
  • Lubricated nut slots
After a year's worth of ownership, I must say that YC had taken good care of his baby, more so when he's a definite Swing fan.


Abner Jr. Paredes said...

I didnt know Swing has that color,. what model of swing is this, S1?

subversion.sg said...

Malmsteen-esque, this one :-)

Z said...

i like that maple board xD

Charlie said...

This the S1? Btw, how to achieve this colour? I'm interested. haha.