Sunday, October 28, 2012


This is another wonderful LTD 7-string currently available at Davis GMC. It's a signature series- Zack Householder (Whitechapel) ZH-7. Absolutely shredable maple neck, with lots of strong bottom end on offer. The signature series are LTD's top of the line offering without being excessive in price, of course. Personally, I find this guitar an absolute value-for-money, it's a Horizon with someone's name at the headstock- a Horizon by some other variation is still a Horizon :-)

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addin. said...

Hi Sub

How much is this model going for?

How does it compare to the other LTD Horizon 7-stringers?

Less the toggle switch, would the difference be purely cosmetic? in the case of LTD H-1007 vs ZH-7

Thanks :)