Monday, January 23, 2017

Bridge of sighs (yes, that one)

This is the highlight of the moment, the star player for Ibanez at Namm 2017, if you will- Ibanez's Premium RG6. I have nothing against this guitar.

In fact, I feel they did a good job in reinforcing the neck & moved away from the maple dominance.

I'm wondering why the bridge in this gorgeous piece has to be the EZ-II. If they had given this some considerations & maybe include an Edge at the very least, it would have been a winner with me. The manufacturer might be keeping costs down this way or letting it get away in a gorgeous looking guitar. Subconsciously, you'd be paying good money (that's right, this series isn't gonna be on the lighter side of the price bracket despite not being a Japanese model) for something with a less favourable feature which would be largely ignored or 'accepted'. If there's a fixed bridge variant in time to come, maybe I'd consider. 

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