Monday, January 9, 2017

RIP: Granny

During my bachelor days, I lived in limited confinements with my mother & grandmother. These are the very people who tolerated my guitar shenanigans, surprisingly, without complaints. They were pretty much happy to see me rooted at home instead of keeping bad company elsewhere. 

My granny, despite here age, tolerated my guitar nonsense very well. She would while her time away with bite-sized sewing when I was playing guitar. Some other grannies might tell such individuals off for want of peaceful resting moments but not my granny.

Last Thursday, my granny answered the Lord's calling. She was 94. It's times like these we remember the moments we had with our elders. In time to come, we would become grandparents ourselves &  would wonder if the subsequent generations treasure our moments with them. I am grateful that there were no pertinent conflicts between my granny & me. We shared good memories together especially so when she resided with me in her latter years.

We might find our elders annoying & out of touch with the current hype. We see them as irrelevant as time goes by. It seems that time displaces relationships & makes some of us obsolete. But time also teaches us the meaning of loss & the need to hold onto the current moments dearly. RIP, granny.


robboster said...

Sorry for your loss mate. May she rest in peace.

haniff farhan said...

salam takziah bro sub... said...

Thanks for your well-wishes, she stayed with us till the end so there's a marked void here.