Friday, January 27, 2017

PJ Mustang

One of the new Fenders at Swee Lee right now is the Mustang bass. Previously, it was offered as a Japanese make & only feature the P-type pickups which were smaller than the P models seen here. The current Mexican version (part of the new offset series released late 2016, listing for $839) has both the P & J pickups on board & medium jumbo frets as opposed to the vintage frets of the Japanese. Since I own the Japanese version, I would urge guitar dweebs who would grab a bass every now & then to check this one out. Its shorter scale length is the winner here with so many extended scale guitars out there rivalling the scale of shorter scaled basses. It's about familiarity & the willingness to embrace a bass which delivers all the low end  goodness, just a little compressed to address the needs of smaller built players. 

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