Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ibanez 2017 (3)

Moving on where the RGA32 left off, the RGA42 is simply a cosmetically enhanced version of the former.

This is a consequence of what did not take place last year. In 2016, the top most S-series model, the S5521, featured a very mesmerizing quilt top but was let down by a pair of Quantum pickups. Not that the Quantums were duds to begin with but at this price point, it's an insult not to feature a brand name set. This year's S6621 feature a DiMarzio Air Norton/ Tone Zone pair. Now that's more like it.

You may not be a fan but Ibanez's hollows & semis hold their own. The key formula here is the cost-quality ratio. This year, the range feature a larger headstock & ebony fretboards for selected new models. Pickups are the 'vintage' type smaller humbuckers. The AFC125 here also features a bound body & if there's a note-worthy feature here it's that simpler tailpiece, unlike the trapeze type of the range (till 2016). 

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