Saturday, January 7, 2017

Squier 2017: Offsetting

We're still in offset fever as Squier revealed its 2017 listing. This is the most affordable Jazzmaster
 by the manufacturer, an Affinity model. 👍

A little above the tier, we have this Mustang in HH format. Apparently targetted at distortion fiends hence the humbucker format.

Jazzmaster Deluxe- nothing new as Squier has the Vintage Mod versions currently running which is quite well-received. 

Squier is doing the right thing by supplementing its Fender releases. Late 2016 we saw the Mexican offsets being released followed by the American Pro models which will be officially unveiled at Winter NAMM 2017. Now we have a range of offsets by Squier in case your pockets are not deep enough to join in the fray. Both Fender & Squier are enticing the buyers away from the usual Strat & Tele offerings not that they ran out of ideas but they are cleverly telling the new generation of guitar dweebs out there, hey, we have some other models going as well. For frustrated players like me, we had always wanted a reputable range of offsets in the market which didn't happen in the '90s, let alone the turn of the century. Offsets could be had from the Japanese market which wasn't well supplemented in terms of online presence as well as dealers here due to distributorship issues. Things are looking good in this camp 👌

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mrnoble said...

Squier Jazzmaster, reminds me of this blink 182 guitar