Monday, January 2, 2017

Ibanez 2017

Ibanez finally dropped its 2017 bomb. From the looks of it, there are many regurgitations & come-backs which don't really signal anything fresh. I'm taking it easy with the updates. We begin with the Roadcore series which many of us are oblivious to. The RC220 here is the new entry level in the series with a fixed bridge instead of the tune-o-matic through body type. 

Ibanez now has an ash body + maple fretboard Standard RG model- RG370AHM. The unsettling indicator here is the manufacturer's return to the generic black headstocks. Darn! 😠

A new Premium RG721, this time with eye-catching maple top (spalted) & maple fretboard (birdseye). The 2016 RG721 sported a rosewood top. We get a hint of self-preservation here; Ibanez wants the RG721 to live on but the situation with rosewood these days (CITES enforcements) pressured the manufacturer to manifest this maple version. I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind the change. 

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