Tuesday, January 24, 2017

JEM it one more time

Winter NAMM 2017 is over by now. The dust has settled & we move on. Ibanez JEM fans are moving on with this 30th Anniversary commemorative model. Over at the manufacturer's social media feed, it's touted as Steve Vai's 'new' guitar. I must say that I'm offended by this claim because it's nothing new. The volute under the locking nut disqualifies it from being a true re-issue as well, compounded by the anniversary neck bolt plate. Despite being drawn to Ibanez all the time, I have zero interest in JEMs largely due to my disinterest in signature models. This is no different- still averse to JEMs. However, we have the JEM to thank for when it comes to the countless RG permutations out there. It was a successful endeavour & looks like it's gonna last for many more years to come. 

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