Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good morning

This was the final pedal for 2016, grabbed it from SV Guitars during their year-end sale. The JHS Morning Glory is yet another Tube Screamer-esque pedal out there with tweaks. I would usually ignore such pedals because I'm happy with how the traditional TS sounds like. These pedals don't usually offer more or something different from the TS lest some brand names out there whose developers make it a point to differentiate their products from the base reference. 

This Ver 4 MG has 2 gain stages (that's what the flick switch is for- mode switching). In its lower gain mode, there's notably more headroom for those clean-with-slight-drive fans. It's wonderful with single coils & highly recommended for that jangly Strat tones. The higher gain mode is something of a solo boost specialist. I used this for solos more than a harder drive source for a more intense music manifestation.

Ver 4 now features a remote foot switch gain access. The manufacturer also recognizes a top end  overdose when the pedal is used excessively with single coil pickups so the HI-CUT feature is there to trim some high frequencies if things get out of control. 

If you own a decent clean amp, the MG will be a good drive companion for that defining moment involving both clean & driven settings or a fusion of both. That higher gain mode would surely be an inspiration for both solos & a harder rhythm reference for some of us. I find single coils to be the better option for the MG simply because I'm a fan of hearing good, driven jangle as opposed to half-baked humbuckers at duplicate settings. I don't hear the TS tone being duplicated squarely here despite some characteristic reactions which are inevitably similar, so to me, the Morning Glory was a worthy purchase 😊

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xenozenomusic said...

The Morning Glory is not another TS pedal out there. In fact it is another modified Marshall Bluesbreaker. Same goes for the Cmatmods Butah you own, except the MG is voiced differently with additional high end for the jangly sounds.