Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sonic assault

I'm very determined to not make an Ibanez be the first purchase of 2017 & so this happened. The 'new' Fender offset models were introduced in the final quarter of 2016 which didn't make it here till now. I had bad episodes with the Mexican models; bad nut slots, warped necks, dysfunctional truss rods... the list goes on. These days, the Mexican models had been souped up to fill in price voids (more than anything else) so they need to keep up in terms of QC. I managed to play an impressive Mexican model (thanks to the good people @ Swee Lee Katong 👍) last June but held back as more of the good stuff were streaming in. 

So I guess the wait paid off. No complaints with the QC here as the Duo-Sonic was played right out of the box. My only gripe was the very low action it came with, everything else was splendid. Playing through a Marshall amp at the store, these default single coils were adept at both clean & driven settings with no clarity compromise but the twang factor could have been better. I will continue to check the newer generation of Mexican models out. They are now worthy considerations (in my books), more so when the American models are climbing up the price points.

PS: Thanks to Mr. Faizal & company @ Swee Lee I12 for their awesome service as usual.

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