Wednesday, June 7, 2017

560 trio

An interesting find in the after-market, a trio of Ibanez RG560, respective prices as indicated (correct as at time of posting). 

Blackie, according to the seller has very good fret life, electronics were recently looked into by a reputable store here but it's missing the back plate cover & whammy bar. Pickups are Seymour Duncan/DiMarzio combos, no details were disclosed. Purple retains its default pickups but the hardware had all been swapped out with dings & nicks in the body. White's seller is currently using an older pic for this sale. The pickups indicated differ from those depicted. He's including a bag in the sale but there were no other details stated.

Perhaps you are interested in one of these, so which one would you choose?

One of the sellers here touted his guitar as a rare item. Granted the RG560 was one of the best in this tier during its heyday & had been long discontinued but the fact that three are currently offered in the after market makes this claim a little weak. Hardcore collectors would want original appointments in their instruments so modified, replaced & 'upgraded' features wouldn't score as well. Missing parts would compound the situation further. Providing minimum details for one's item implies disinterest & would invite apprehension from buyers. From the details disclosed in the ads, I wouldn't put my money firmly on any one of the instruments. The Ibanez RG560 is a late 80s release, expecting a flawless versions floating in the after-market is a ridiculous expectation. Unlike the Ibanez pickups of today, the ones manufactured back then manifested appealing tone so having those in the guitar to start with is a sensible consideration. Personally, I wouldn't place stringent scrutiny on the guitar body, the neck condition is more paramount in this case. Be informed that the RG560 sports a very thin Wizard neck & the owner who keeps this neck in check is likely to be a reputable seller. Last but not least, price considerations is the sticky bit- never agree to the price until you see the instrument in person. This isn't a current production model by any means so seeing is believing. 😐

FYI, I currently own the RG560 which was quasi-destroyed by a junkie relative. Forgiven but not forgotten.

PS: This post was never intended to disrepute any individuals concerned. The objective was to observe trending claims by sellers with regards to their respective re-sale items. Details were quoted with a bona fide intention to manifest accuracy as at time of posting. 

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