Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kiesel: Vader 6 (2)

This is a mandatory purchase with any Kiesel, they won't ship any instruments out without one. This one was made to fit the Vader so it looks stunted, like a violin bag of sorts. The padding was impressive, will rival a MONO or GRUVGEAR, no doubt.

How the innards look like. I do not see any branded parts used so this is where they keep the costs in check but everything works to a tee, it's a matter of durability. You know how these things go dead in time to come for any instrument.

If you are ready for your Kiesel adventure here's an order overview:
  • 10th March 2017: Order keyed in & submitted. It took them only a day to process the submission, downpayment & generate an order number. Awesome 👍
  • 31st May 2017: Order completion & notice of final payment.
  • 31st May 2017: Item shipped out
  • 7th June 2017: Item received
The guitar could have been at my premises on 6th June as indicated by the shipment tracking log but FedEx chose to effect the actually delivery on the 7th instead. I re-scheduled my 6th June just to receive this guitar but it was a no-show & was rather pissed. However, in view of Ramadan, it might have affected some people's work schedule & I'm totally OK with that; a little consideration goes a long way. 

This isn't my final Kiesel adventure for sure. Such an experience is important to me. It showed how an establishment commits itself to the sign of the times & they did well, I must say. The product in question is deserving of the asking price in view of the custom order status, the Kiesel camp stayed true to the exclusive vibe so hats off to them. With this in mind, we'd do well to scrutinize our expenditure when it comes to worthiness for our next purchase; is it worth buying something else knowing there's a custom shop experience waiting to be had? There are indeed standard production instruments out there rivalling custom shop status for this much money, John Page & Sugi-made guitars are among others. So today, the informed buyer will give much thought to worth as opposed to acquiring a certain brand name to fulfil status achievement.👌


Andy Sim said...

Thank you for your swift update. I was contemplating getting a Vader 6 and have my reservations on build and delivery until your timely posting. Guess my resolution to buy that "last" guitar for 2017 has to put on hold. Haha!!! said...

Thanks for dropping by, my friend 👍🏾 The Kiesel camp is trustworthy & their delivery is worth every cent. Highly recommended.