Thursday, June 15, 2017


Do you even realize that the Great Singapore Sale is now taking place? The GSS is pretty much one of the retail slump victims. People don't go out to buy stuff any more, they stay home & look at the stuff online. The stuff will be delivered to them one they click to purchase. Guitar stores here are oblivious to the GSS as well. Over the years, recall the stores that participated in the GSS. Having difficulties? 

The GSS is taking place at a rotten time of the year. People don't look forward to a spending spree at this time of the year. They have set aside money for a mid-year vacation, this is especially true for people with schooling kids. Also, we don't receive mid-year windfall (majority of us, that is), people here enjoy a year end bonus, not mid-year. Finally, the GSS is fighting a perpetual online sale. Whatever deals you come across in the stores in the mean time, it's been done online. 

With that in mind, ladies & gentlemen, we do have instrument-related sale this season. City Music is having a spring sale.

Yamaha is doing likewise. Do visit their respective home pages for details: CITY MUSIC/ YAMAHA

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