Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The green grass guitars of home. These were the most played guitars last week, coincidentally, they are green.

BC Rich needs to bring back their tried & trusted models. The current lineup seems to feature only selected, sell-able models. Missing in the offerings are the Iron Bird & the Gunslinger.  The Gunslinger is the manufacturer's best bet in addressing the shred market. Even the affordable manifestation as seen here is worthy. This one in particular has a very likeable weight making it formidable in the lower frequencies. Of course, a menacing pickup helps. The neck profile however isn't a shred cup of tea; it's a rounded C as opposed to the more preferable, flatter D but if you are a true to the bone shredder, this won't get in the way.

The Kiesel Vader isn't a shred unit per se. The fatter neck there might be a put off for many shred purists. However, this is how a headless guitar weight is compensated; more beef in the neck. I find it a challenge playing sitting down. I need to stretch a little farther to be 'normal'. But played strapped on, I love how the thicker neck complements those who don their instruments a little higher up the chest than the average Joe. I keep forgetting how a blank fretboard liberates the mind when it comes to chromatics. The Vader simply rocks. 👊

Happy working mid-week, everyone. 😁


Ijau D. Koceng said...

kawasabi SLXT and that PRS not listed? said...

Future feature 👍🏾