Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The NUX camp has released this multi-effects unit called the Cerberus as seen above (List: USD299). This will give the Valeton Dapper unit quite a competition in terms of value-for-money. We have local distributors for both Valeton & NUX here so it's a matter of time; whichever brand name gets to us first, the impression would be quite marked. 

I'm saying this because both the ZOOM & BOSS camps are not fishing for a substantial share in the multi-fx market in light of recent developments. Perhaps they have other focus in their respective catalogs pertaining to gear. Both Fractal & LINE 6 are offering costly floor-based units which are aimed at the pro players looking to re-create top notch tones. The hobbyists among us are sticking to individual pedals & clunky pedal boards in the mean time & as it seems, nobody's quite complaining. 

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