Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shred's up!

Schecter's Sun Valley Super Shredder (SVSS) is now available at Davis GMC (List: $950).

The SVSS' manifestation is nothing too different from a HH Strat or a Charvel Pro Mod So Cal. Even the weight is comparable. On this topic of weight, the instrument lends itself a good acoustic resonance, nothing too bright despite that maple on maple neck construction of the sea foam version. The neck profile is of a typical Fender; that C-roundness with a narrow feel. This sounds contrary to the 'shred' expectations then again, an Ibanez this is not, a full-fledged shred unit it is.

Upper fret access proves to be healthy despite a blocky bolt-on make, thanks to the rounded off edges seen here, reminiscent of Ibanez's all-access neck joint.

The pickups are EMG's Retro Active Hot 70. These are uncovered active units featuring alnico magnets. While they deliver hot driven tones, they don't sound as desolate as the EMG 80s in terms of cleans. Of course, no PAF-type warmth to be had but it's nothing totally objectionable, I personally think that the woman tones coming from the neck unit is beyond pleasant. That said, the Retro Active humbuckers are somehow more responsive to the tone control unlike other active units I've come across.

The SVSS is an awesome consideration if you are the high octane rocker looking for something which looks conservative while embracing hot output for some sizzling solos. Korean manufacturing is still maintaining its high standards as seen in these manifestations.

Rating: 79%

Schecter: Sun Valley Super Shredder
Availability: Davis GMC
List: $950


Ijau D. Koceng said...

with floyd rose original, or 1000-series variant? said...

FR Special...