Sunday, June 4, 2017

Re-string: Ibanez RG2228A

Managed to re-string this Ibanez RG2228A which isn't mine. The original action was good so no re-visiting that.

The difference between a re-moisturized (shiny) & dry fretboard parts & that was taken care off as well.

Selected Ibanez Prestige models are equipped with Collet knobs. These are locking models with rubber grips. If you aren't sure how these work (requires top cover removal), please do not force parts removal. I know a store here who damaged the knobs due to a lack of knowledge. The only reason these were dismantled was to access the pots for some contact spray application. These were beginning to feel stiff & have a real potential to die. That's right, my re-string service includes some value-added options which are within my means (subject to your permission, of course). 

Wishing everyone a good week ahead.  👍

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