Monday, June 19, 2017

Price watch (7)

Got this alert from a friend yesterday (you know who you are- thanks for stopping by); the Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo is sporting 2 prices at the stores here: $21.90 vs $17.00 but some of us would deem this acceptable. Stores have their respective pricing formula, we are not privy to any of them. We are at the receiving end.

The rest of us would consider this unacceptable. The fact that one store can offer this item at a lower price implies that the other is trying to maximize profits at the consumers' expense. Yes, any business entity would need to maximize profit, otherwise, it's not staying true to its commercial nature. However, is there a cut off point where any excess would deem the entity unethical? 

If you've been keeping up with the news lately (you can read it here: CLICK), there is now a watchdog monitoring the explosive formula milk prices. The message is clear, if things go out of hand, something will happen. While we respect the stores for pricing their wares as they deem fit, we'd like them to know that they should be more pro-active in revising their prices once an alternative reference is made known or a pressing issue is put forth. They have no obligations to comply, of course, as much as we have no obligations to buy from them. 

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