Sunday, June 11, 2017

Last 3 purchases

My last 3 CDs, purchased not downloaded.

1. I Built The Sky- The sky is not the limit
From the Land of Oz, I Built The Sky is the working name for Rohan Stevenson. I believe there are many more like him Down Under, someone who's incredibly talented with traces of eccentricity & enjoying every instrumental moment. Not forgetting the touch of heaviness on all tracks, he reminds me very much of Chimp Spanner (Paul Ortiz). 

2. Plini- Handmade Cities
Still treading Down Under, Plini is Vai-approved. No, he doesn't play like Vai but Vai identified him as 'forward thinking' & 'harmonically deep' (Steve Vai, Nov 2016). From this brief description alone, we can sense some adventurous shredding in there with a learned verse of melody. Please do not approach this release strictly from a shred perspective but there's enough shred in there to appease the guitar geeks. A very polished production could be heard here as well.

3. Zachary Breaux- Groovin
I was moved to get this one after hearing his track, Eleanor Rigby, in the Beatles' instrumental tribute album, Come Together. A great sense of funkiness with smooth jazz to boot, every track here is definitely easy listening. FYI, Zachary Breaux suffered a heart attack while trying to save a drowning man in 1997 (RIP). 

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