Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PRS: S2 Vela (reclaimed)

Back in March, I alerted Davis GMC of this intriguing PRS S2 Vela semi-hollow model made from reclaimed, aged, unfashionable, wood (peroba rosa top, brauna preto fretboard). I was waiting (still am) for the S2 Standard 22 Satin to make it here because I badly want to experience the manufacturer's non-gloss model; I know it'd be something different in terms of feel & tone. More importantly, I'd like to witness the extension of PRS' impeccable QC & tone-worthiness trickled into some lesser known wood. If they claim to be one of the greatest name in the guitar-making business, their satin finished instruments should be on par with the glossy counterparts. 

The good people of Davis GMC was up front about it. This is a limited run model, PRS might have a preference allocation for authorised dealers in terms of quantity as well as the export time frame (meaning- get ready to experience a semi-eternal wait for one). I told them I am willing to commit a deposit for it as it's a definite purchase. I was given a positive answer; they'd include a special order for me (just this one for their upcoming shipment) but it's subject to cancellation at the behest of the manufacturer. It's all understood with me; I just want this to get here. There's a 50-50 chance of disappointment. 

Fast forward June 2017; the guitar finally arrived in impeccable condition. It was quite a surprise because as at May 2017, PRS posted the above announcement at their homepage & that basically dashed hopes. But all's well that ends well. 😬

Would like to thank Janet & the Davis GMC camp for this worthy endeavour. 👍

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