Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bird prices

Good morning, gear geeks! It's the initial weekend of the month. 😁 Anyway, pictured here is Gibson's Firebird Studio, a new intro for 2017. The price stated there is the manufacturer's recommended list price in USD.

This is the Firebird 2017 T model, it sits on  a higher tier compared to its Studio sibling & the manufacturer had reflected this in the instrument's list price. The guitar's through neck construction, neck binding & Steinberger tuners are among other attributes that account for its standing & price.

This isn't the case here in this country. The lower tier Studio sports a higher price tag than its T counterpart. Remember, I'm not the price police, I'm just reacting to some anomalies. More importantly, I represent the people at the buying end in keeping things in check. 

That's right, folks, you can buy stuff elsewhere these days; the world is your shopping complex. With Amazon opening its doors here soon (Strait Times, 4 Nov 2016), would it make the local guitar stores redundant? Something to think about. 


sweetmethane said...

Sub, i think there's some confusion over the prices. After detailed checks on the affected birds in question, the Firebird Studio being compared is the HP(high performance) version whereas the Traditional Firebird is the T(traditional spec) version. So it's fair that in this case, the Firebird Studio costs more than the Traditional Firebird (as per info from the Store's website). said...

Thank you for participating- I now see the bigger picture.