Friday, January 5, 2018


I've been let down time & again by Ernie Ball & Gibson strings. Despite their bona fide attempts to re-approach certain manufacturing procedures, the end product always fall short of the expected standard. Just a fortnight ago, I bought this pack of Gibson strings, telling myself maybe I should give the brand name a chance since they repackaged their goods. As you can see from the presentation above, 3 of the 6 strings were beyond saving. Even the wound 6th fell victim to rust. Usually, wound strings are more resistant to this complication but it seems the Gibson version were manufactured to fail like the rest. Please advise me, dear friends, if Gibson strings were meant to be used immediately upon purchase & not kept for delayed use. If such is the case, I have misgivings about the ones still on display in the stores beyond a month.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i got a lucky set of brite wires last year

YusTech said...

I started with Gibson string in the 90s. Never had came across such rusty one. EB too back then. 
Either the box is moisture absorbent or the content is now low grade. I notice that Dunlop uses similar box where the content is vacuum sealed and a tiny pack of silica gel inside just in case. The shop's humidity may play a big part too? My 2 cent theory sir.‎