Saturday, January 13, 2018

Indoor cramp

It's an indoors Saturday. It had been raining since morning, the weather's just too cold to be out & about. Managed to play for an hour or so just before dinner. I chose my Schecter VE-TE here because I was in the mood for some raunchy single coils.

My fingers cramped out on me, this rarely happened. In fact, it's only my second bout with dysfunctional fingers. It's all about the weather with a hint of laziness. Dear friends, please take some time to warm up those digits before you play. Getting a muscle strain simply because you were too inept to care about your hand for the sake of what you love doing, is unforgivable. It need not be a strict fretboard warm up, just get your fingers going in some ways before you play will do. I literally had to straighten those cramped fingers with the other hand & gave it a good massage before continuing play. 


addin. said...

Sub... cramp cos you exceeded the speed limit! :D

Marcus Chung said...

arm circles , chest stretches are also beneficial for the fingers since the fascia connects from fingers to the above mentioned areas. said...

Noted, sir.