Saturday, January 6, 2018

ibanez 2018 (5): Q&M

The new 2018 Ibanez AZ models have two formidable ambassadors- Tom Quayle (L) & Martin Miller (R). They should be no strangers to you if you frequent planet shred. However, we often overlook their very imposing musicalities as well. This signals a shift from the RG shred dominance but we know how influential the RG is to speed freaks- deep cutaways, super thin necks, et al. Both Quayle & Miller were heavily involved in the prototyping & road testing the AZ Series prior to the 2018 announcement. 

The two maestros seen here will be announcing their respective signature models based on the AZ model come NAMM 2018 (TQM1/ MM1) & we wish them well in their new guitar adventure.

PIC: Martin Miller FB/ M Leicht

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