Monday, January 22, 2018

Ibanez 2018 (11): Keeping goodness in check

Yet another Ibanez entry but I noticed stuff this time round. I believe that guitar manufacturing is taking a positive turn in terms of costs & Ibanez is one brand name to manifest this goodness, so to speak. We now have a through body construction in the Standard range, this used to be a higher tier privilege. (RGRT421)

We also note the inclusion of branded pickups in the Standard range as well. This is the RGEW521Z featuring a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers- Tone Zone (B) & Air Norton (N). There are some other note-worthy details in the acoustic category as well which we've noted before.

These instruments are not manufactured in Japan so the message is, we can be assured of good craftsmanship from Chinese & Indonesian sources as well. It boosts confidence among buyers & it's good money on the sales front as well because these are the money-making models. The higher tier models (Premium/ Prestige/ J-Custom) don't bring in the revenue figures. They are desirable but not staple. 


Ijau D. Koceng said...

bring back the shark tooth

YusTech said...

Ibanez is one upping and stirring everyone in 2018. This is music to the consumers ears. Thumbs up Ibanez. Will the others play catch up or remain in their comfort zone. It's their move now.