Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ibanez 2018 (4): Acoustic assault

We have to give it to Ibanez for knowing how to get it done for less. Here's their version of a dreadnought junior-esque acoustic with an all mahogany construction (solid top) & an ovankol fretboard. Also included, a simple elbow bevel because if the competitor could do it, so can Ibanez. Initial figures are suggesting that it'll be more affordable than Martin's Dreadnought Junior. (This model: AW54JR)

We also have to give it to Ibanez for having the guts to try- a fretless, parlour type bass (24.9" scale length). Just a gentle reminder though, they don't make too many strings suitable for this type of bass. (This model: AVNB1FE)

And while they're at it, why not add a stand-up bass? (This model: UB804)

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