Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fender 2018: The New Mutants (2)

Returning to where we left off (CLICK for Part 1)- the limited run of these hybrid models by Fender is referred to as the Parallel Universe series; taking bits from existing/historic references & mishmashing them into unique servings. OK, quirky comes into the perspective as well. This instalment features the models that, in my opinion, are worthy considerations in terms of features & overall aesthetics. The Strat Tele is every bit a good 50s Strat as it looks (ash body- thumbs up) less the body, of course. This isn't 'bad' in any way, of course, it's a matter of acceptance/rejection- do you mind if your Strat looks like this. Or for that matter, your Tele looks like that. 

This is the Troublemaker Tele & it reminds us of that mystical Tele-Gib model owned by Seymour Duncan, yes? There are essentially three elements at work here; Tele/ Strat/ Gibson. The initial reference for this model pre-empts us on the neck profile, something that sits a little better with the Gibson camp in terms of carve type. The twin volume/tone control embraces the Gibson aspect as well.

I believe Tele fans love the thinline version of the instrument. I've tried a Japanese version before & feel that the guitar isn't about a complete re-interpretation of the Telecaster per se but a clever take on variation. It's not in the 335 territory, mind you. They call this the Tele Thinline Super Deluxe & it screams Cabronita all over. This is perhaps the least tampered model in this series in terms of features as Fender has a Thinline already going. 

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Jazz Tele which is perhaps the most enticing one for me. One more time, we have this discourse of the instrument being referred to as a Tele by virtue of the body outline while the rest of the attributes are clearly non-Tele. The Jaguar/ JM tones are some of my favourite this side of the single coil offering but they can only be discovered, that's right, only through a proper Jaguar/ JM guitar. As flagship as these models were meant to be, some of us find the offset body a little in the way in terms of extensions but we lived with that to embrace the tone. No idea where the Parallel Universe models are going in terms of regular production but I feel & if I have my way, make this one a fix entry into the Fender catalog. 

That's all for now, folks. We await further details from NAMM 2018 & our dealers for availability. 😁

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