Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ibanez 2018 (9): AEW revisions

There are now four AEWs left in the Ibanez catalog & this is one of them, a new member for 2018 (AEWC400). The thing with the AEW is that Ibanez got carried away with some exotic tops that added much to price without much tonal appeal. In the acoustic realm, players are still after solid tops as a rule of thumb in getting good fundamental tones. That's a really fine serving of flame maple on show there but it's still not a solid top. Yes, it's flamed all round. 

But the surprise package this year is this AEWC300 which features a solid spruce top so maybe Ibanez became a little wiser this year. That same wisdom bestowed both these guitars with revised features: 1) Tail end string inserts so gone are the bridge pins. Not entirely innovative, Takamine (among others) was ahead in this aspect. 2) Elbow rest &...

... 3) Rear cut away bevel. It's these little considerations that propels the Ibanez brand the recognition it deserves. Anyway, enjoy the following teaser:

Pongal greetings to those celebrating today 👍

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YusTech said...

Giving as much R&D in their acoustic line as the electrics is a great effort. Thumbs up Ibanez.