Friday, January 12, 2018

Signatures (LTD - Ibanez)

So we have non-Japanese models from two Japanese manufacturers which might prove to be a little weak in terms of appeal & intention. The first one you see here is the George Lynch Kamikaze variation (LTD GL-KAMI4) for the year. Variation because it's nothing new, just a twisted headstock which is downright hideous. Lynch is an ESP veteran & the manufacturer is perpetuating his embrace of the brand name quite obviously. Staunch Lynch fans might be interested, curious onlookers might bite. 

Moving on to the Ibanez camp, we have another Paul Gilbert Fireman (FRM200) variation with no revisions in outline. I see this being more respectable & less desperate in terms of appeal but having a current flavour in a lower tier offering speaks a lot about intentions; selling looks to be more imperative. 

Having said that, in case you missed it, both models are propelling new signature pickups (Seymour Duncan's Hunter, DiMarzio's PG-13) so that's putting things in perspective.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

"i'm a hunter, searching for love~"

so mr lynch is back with duncan? what about his arcane signature pickup? said...

Screamin' Demon won't go away any time soon- I personally like it :-)

YusTech said...
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