Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chrome & Ice

In addition to Martin Miller, Tom Quayle & Nita Straus getting themselves onto the Ibanez endorsers roster, Ibanez has 2 commemorative signature models this 2018. The highly reflective model you see here is the JS1CR30, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Chrome Boy. The chrome plating was a nightmare to produce with the previous versions (eventual flaking was the bane) but they got it right this time & we know a certain Mr. Satriani is currently very happy with the end product.

Paul Stanley's Iceman is seeing a 40th anniversary incarnation with the PS1DM here- behold the bling. I don't mean to be the party pooper but Mr. Stanley parted ways with the manufacturer along the way so I question the legitimacy of this commemoration (unlike Satch who stayed true to form in terms of endorsement). 

By the time you read this, NAMM 2018 is over & we know that whatever commemorative models Ibanez churned out this year, they were over-shadow by the AZ series debut, backed by the Quayle & Miller show. Heads up, people, it's already Tuesday. 

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